Why subscribe?

When you, your family or someone in your community needs lifesaving prehospital emergency care, the last thing anyone wants to be worried about is how they are going to pay for it. With the deductibles increasing, insurance coverage often decreasing, and the overall cost of healthcare rising annually, this is an all too often concern and reality among patients.

Shaler Hampton EMS developed its Annual Subscription Drive for the residents of communities we serve to avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses, by offering a 50% discount on all out of pocket expenses for emergency ambulance transport. Our subscription program is designed to charge an annual fee to members, who – in return – enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Shaler Hampton EMS is operating on a sound financial footing and can respond to your emergency with lifesaving care.  Please read on – to learn how great people when combined with the right equipment, can work together to save a life and how your support of Shaler Hampton EMS through our Subscription program helps us to keep both!

A Customer’s Testimonial

Let’s ask Marty Martynuska, a long time Shaler resident and Principal of Reserve Primary School in the Shaler Area School District, who was a patient of ours to share his perspective!

Wednesday December 19, 2018 was like many other days. I awoke at 4am, ran 7 miles with my running partners, went to work, and made Holiday Cookies that evening with my lovely wife, Nancy. At 10:54pm that evening while in bed, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at my home in Glenshaw. Nancy immediately knew that something was amiss and dialed 911. The 911 operator guided her through CPR, and the Shaler Township Police and Shaler-Hampton EMS arrived on the scene within 3 minutes.

The Shaler Hampton EMS crew immediately went to work on me and were able to revive me very quickly. My heartbeat was abnormal and it was necessary for the EMS team to revive me several times on the way to the closest hospital, UMPC Passavant. After receiving an emergent cardiac catheterization, it was determined that I was in need of quintuple cardiac bypass surgery that was performed the next day. As we know, it is absolutely critical to receive immediate care in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. The 911 operator, my wife, the Shaler Township Police, and of course the Shaler-Hampton EMS team came to my rescue.

Our Shaler Hampton EMS paramedics are true HEROES and the entire crew makes it their vocation each day to serve our community and to save lives. It was awesome to welcome Amanda (one of my EMTs) and her mother into our home last December for my One-Year “Heartaversary” celebration!

I’m now fully recovered, and back to running early in the morning and living life, because of the heroic and professional work done each day by our EMS staff. Words written in this testimonial cannot do justice to how thankful I am to be part of a community that serves others so well, and truly SAVES. In the words of Coach Norman Dale at the end of his pre-championship game speech in the 1980s movie, “Hoosiers”… I love you guys.