Welcome to our home on the Web!

And thanks for visiting!  If you live in the Pittsburgh communities of Etna, Hampton, or Shaler, Shaler Hampton EMS is your community-based emergency medical services (EMS).

I’m Eric Schmidt, the executive director of Shaler Hampton EMS. I have the privilege, honor, and duty to guarantee that we are staffed, trained, and available 24/7 for your emergency medical needs. With nearly 50 staff members composed of full-time, part-time, and volunteer EMT’s, AEMT’s and Paramedics, we pledge that our 2 stations in Shaler and Hampton are staffed and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

All of us share a passion for EMS and the varied challenges it brings every day. Many of our staff live in the communities that we serve as lifelong residents or more recent additions. A great example is our Operational Supervisor Dave who moved into the community 19 years ago to work here, and one of our senior staff, Ray Dietz, who started volunteering at 16 and has now been an employee for 20 years, which – not coincidentally – is how long his dad, George, has volunteered here!

On any given day, we respond to critical illnesses or injuries. Our well-trained clinical staff are prepared to help save a life. While the next call may be for something much less dire, each of our calls require the utmost compassion and empathy, even when maybe the most crucial equipment needed is a pillow, a warm blanket, and a hand to hold. As the Chief, I strive every day to ensure that we’re ready for whatever the day may bring.

While we are fortunate to have an amazing staff, the reality is that we cannot do it alone. The communities of Etna, Hampton, and Shaler support us in amazing ways every day. Their police officers respond on our calls and always have our backs. The fire departments – all 9 of them 100% volunteer – work side-by-side with us on many calls to ensure public safety. And “behind the scenes” is our 12-member board of directors, all volunteering their time to support the quality and long-term vision of our organization. Each board member is already busy with their personal and professional lives; however, they serve, and many of them also serve as your local elected officials! Lastly, all the other local municipal leaders, whether elected or employed, who support our organization in more ways than you can imagine, we recognize you. All acknowledged above understand the importance of strong and progressive community-based EMS.

The last piece of the puzzle is YOU!  Our annual subscription drive is a large portion of our funding stream – and it’s one that can benefit you directly by decreasing your out-of-pocket expenses by as much as 50% if you need emergency ambulance service. Can you please support us?

If you ever have any questions, thoughts or concerns I am always available to talk, please call the station and ask for me, or I am also available by email at director@shalerhamptonems.org. Thank you,Eric Schmidt, EMT-P, CMTE Executive Director and Chief, Shaler-Hampton EMS