Medic 172


Shaler Hampton EMS Medic 172 is a 2012 Type 1 ambulance. The chassis is a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 purchased from Tom Henry Chevrolet. The ambulance was manufactured by Wheeled Coach Industries. The entire project was overseen by Terry Pfund of Pfund Superior Sales.


The module is a standard size Wheeled Coach ambulance measuring 153” in length, 95” in width, and 67” in height. The ambulance is equipped with onspot chains to facilitate operations during snow events. All lettering and striping is reflective which enhances the ambulance’s visibility.


The emergency warning package is supplied by Whelen Engineering and consists of Thirty eight (38) LEDs, and two halogen rotators. The lighting is staggered on the ambulance to provide emergency warning at various vehicle heights. The siren is a 200 watt dual amp system with in-the- bumper mounted speakers. In an attempt to increase our audible warning capabilities, this ambulance is equipped with the “Howler” siren system. This siren is in addition to our primary siren and is designed to penetrate closed vehicles and alert the unattentive driver. This unit also features underbody lighting which activates when the unit is in park. This allows greater safety for the crews on exiting and entering the unit.


Medic 173 is a licensed ALS (advanced life support) unit and carries all the standard equipment. Some of the advanced capabilities of this unit include the Physio-Control Lifepak 12 with hands free defibrillation and 12 lead EKG capabilities. In addition this machine includes non-invasive blood pressure monitoring and capnography. Ventilation of non-breathing and intubated patients is accomplished with the LSP automatic ventilator. This unit also carries specialized pediatric supplies, CPAP, nitros oxide, and an IO drill.


Patient transportation is accomplished with the Stryker Rugged MX-Pro stretcher. This stretcher has a weight capacity of 650 pounds and is a roll in type stretcher.


Medic 173 is a primary unit for Shaler Hampton EMS and handles about 1,000 calls per year.