Q: How do I subscribe?
A: You can subscribe by returning the subscription form sent to every resident of our service area at the beginning of March of each year. If you did not receive one, please call us at 412-487-6590 with your address and we will send you another one right away.

Q: What does my subscription cover?
A: Your subscription covers the costs of all medically necessary emergency ambulance trips, including all co-payments and deductibles.  No matter how many times you and your family may need medically necessary emergency ambulance service, you will not be responsible for any additional fees for medically necessary emergency ambulance transportation. Your subscription covers you even if you are injured in one of the communities that surround our service area.

Q: My insurance covers ambulance trips so why should I subscribe?
A: It is important to remember that although your insurance company may pay the ambulance bill, many insurance companies require you to pay a deductible or co-payment. Subscribing will allow you to avoid these charges. In addition, subscribing does more than protect you from incurring an expensive ambulance trip. It also insures that Shaler Hampton EMS can provide the best possible emergency medical care to you and your family. Your subscription money allows Shaler Hampton EMS to hire and retain qualified medical professionals, purchase and maintain new ambulances, and invest in life saving medical equipment.

Q: How long does my subscription coverage last?
A: Subscription coverage last for one year, starting April 1st and running through to March 31st of the following year. Sorry, we cannot prorate your subscription. This means if you renew your subscription part way through the subscription year, it will still run out on March 31st.

Q: What is Third Party Billing?
A: Third party billing is the process where Shaler Hampton EMS recoups its operating cost by charging your insurance company for ambulance service. Shaler Hampton EMS bills all patient’s insurance, including subscribers. Subscribers are not responsible for any charges not covered by their insurance for medically necessary emergency ambulance service. However, non-subscribers will be billed for the portion not covered by their insurance. The costs of not subscribing can be high, as the typical ambulance bill can exceed $750.

Q: What should I do with the checks that I receive from my insurance company?
A: Any checks that you receive from your insurance company should be sent to Shaler Hampton EMS' billing company. Their address is:

PO Box 18210
Pittsburgh PA 15236-0210

These checks are for payment of the ambulance service that you received, not for personal spending.

Q: Does my donation to my volunteer fire company provide me with a subscription to Shaler Hampton EMS?
A: Your donation to your local fire department does not provide you with a subscription to Shaler Hampton EMS. We are independent from your volunteer fire department and we do not receive any funding from them.

Q: Is Shaler Hampton EMS a department of Etna Borough, Hampton Township, or Shaler Township?
A: No, Shaler Hampton EMS is an independent non-profit organization. Although we are a separate organization, we do work closely with the communities that we serve to strengthen public safety.

Q: Does my Subscription cover me outside Etna, Hampton or Shaler?

A: Shaler Hampton EMS has entered into an agreement with most of the ambulance services that protect the North Hills to treat each other’s subscribers as one of their own. If you use a participating ambulance service, that service will offer the same benefits to you as they would to one of their own subscribers. Please note that subscription benefits vary by ambulance service. Call 412-487-6590 for a list of communities where you are covered or view them on this map


Q: Are wheelchair van and invalid coach service covered by my subscription?

A: Shaler Hampton EMS does not provide wheelchair van and invalid coach service.  The service that transports you may or may not provide a discount because you are a Shaler-Hampton EMS Subscriber.


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