General Information

Shaler Hampton EMS developed its Annual Subscription Drive program to allow the residents of communities we serve to support their community and protect themselves from a potentially expensive ambulance bill. It works by paying a small fee to Shaler Hampton EMS once a year to become a subscriber.  Becoming a subscriber has several benefits.  The most important of which is protection from incurring expenses, including deductibles and co-payments,  for medically necessary emergency ambulance service.  This means that no matter how many times you or someone in your family may need medically necessary emergency service, it will not cost you any money from your own funds.

Also, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Shaler Hampton EMS is operating on a sound financial footing and can respond to your emergeny with life saving care. For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Subscription Questions section.


Subscription Levels

Shaler Hampton EMS recognizes that different households have different needs. So, we have developed three levels of subscription that allow households to tailor their subscription coverage to their needs. These levels vary in cost and who is covered under the subscription program:

IStarIndividual Subscription
Cost: $40
Coverage: Covers only the person named on the front of the Subscription Form.

FStarFamily Subscription
Cost: $55
Coverage: Covers all permanent residents of the address named on the front of the Subscription Form.

FPStarFamily Plus Subscription
Cost: $75
Coverage: Covers all permanent residents of the address named on the Subscription Form plus any guests who may need an ambulance while they are at that address.


Please select the subscription level that best meets your needs and press the "Add to cart" button.  Also, please input the account number for the individual(s) that your are purachasing the subscription for.  If you do not know the account number, please call 412-487-6590.


Subscription Type
Account Number
Please consider making a donation to Shaler - Hampton EMS in addition to your subscription.  Donations are tax deductible and ensure Shaler - Hampton EMS is there for you in your hour of need.  To donate enter an amount in the box to the left and press the "Add to cart" button. 


All donations above the subscription cost are tax deductible.


Coverage Area

In order to increase the value of your subscription, Shaler Hampton EMS entered into a reciprocal agreement with the other members of the North East Ambulance Alliance (NEAA).  If you use a participating ambulance service, that service will offer the same benefits to you as they would to one of their own subscribers. Please note that subscription benefits vary by ambulance service.  The map below list all the areas where you are covered.


Subscription Map


Frequently Asked Subscription Questions