Ambulance Tour

Shaler Hampton EMS can conduct an ambulance tour for your group that will show  how our crews work and what happens inside an ambulance. This is ideal for younger groups, such as Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts, who are naturally curious about emergency vehicles. It also teaches them not to be fearful about using an ambulance in emergency situations.

Safety Demonstration

Our Safety Demonstration teaches your group what to do in emergency situations and emphasizes the importance of wearing safety gear such as bicycle helmets. Again, this demonstration is designed for younger community residents, but can also provide useful information for parents.

Subscription Presentation

This presentation explains the benefits of subscribing to Shaler Hampton EMS and the importance of your subscription dollars in ensuring we can answer your calls for help. In addition, this presentation provides background information on Shaler Hampton EMS and our activities.


All demonstrations are free of charge and can be scheduled by calling (412) 487-6590