The primary mission of Shaler Hampton EMS is providing emergency medical transportation to community residents.  We provide this service 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.  To have an ambulance sent to the location of your emergency please call 911.  Shaler Hampton EMS operates 4 advanced life support ambulances.  The ambulances are staffed by highly trained professionals and equipped with state of the art medical equipment.


Shaler Hampton EMS can provide routine and non-emergency ambulance transportation. However, this type of transportation is only available for seriously ill patients. In order to qualify for non-emergency ambulance transportation, the patient must meet the following conditions:

• the patient must have an acute medical condition that requires medical supervision during transport

• the patient must be completely bed confined and unable to walk or sit

• the patient cannot go to or from a doctor’s office

Shaler Hampton EMS can take patients by ambulance if they do not meet the above conditions, however their trip will be considered not medically necessary by their insurance company, and they will be responsible for the entire bill.

To view our non-emergency transportation policy please click here.

Other Options

As of October 2007, Shaler Hampton EMS no longer provides Wheelchair Van or Invalid Coach Service.

However, residents can still access these transportation services by calling our Non-Emergency Transports Number:  412-487-0162.  Your transport will be performed by third party.  Please be aware that this third party may not honor your subscription to Shaler Hampton EMS.