Fast Aid First

Understanding Emergency Wound Care


Where Do Serious Wounds Occur?

"Open wound" is the leading diagnosis for injury-related visits to the emergency department.

There are a wide variety of accidents that may cause a serious wound requiring medical treatment.  Some common accidents are:

Risk of injury also increases when someone is intoxicated or impaired.


Do You Know How to Provide Proper First Aid for a Serious Cut?

If you or someone you were with sustained a serious wound, would you know what to do?   The American College of Emergency Physicians recommends the following steps to ensure you provide FAST AID FIRST:

Be Wound Wise:  Know the Wound Warning Signs

An injury with the following warning signs should prompt you to seek immediate treatment:

If the Wound Meets Any of These Criteria, Get Medical Attention Immediately.   Don't Delay!

Waiting can interfere with the physician's treatment of the wound.  Waiting several hours also can result in an increased risk for infection or increasing scarring.   Waiting too long may prevent physicians from being able to close the wound properly.

Injury visit rates are higher for men than women.


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Material taken from the American College of Emergency Physicians.