How to Childproof Your Home


You want your home to be a safe haven for your children, but their simple curiosity may lead them to explore dangerous territory, even in their own homes.   About 4.5 million children are injured in the home each year.  Taking some simple, preventive measures could help keep their unbridled curiosity in check and prevent many of these injuries from occurring. BD09470_.wmf (10530 bytes)

"Survey your home periodically to ensure that you have removed or alleviated as many hazards as possible," said Wendy Lucid, MD, of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).  "Following some simple safety precautions could prevent many of the injuries children show up with in the emergency department.  Childproofing your home is easy and inexpensive and, most importantly, could save your child's life."

You don't need a professional to childproof your home.  Much of the effort centers on making sure you and your family are aware of potential problems and making adjustments to minimize hazards.  And while some safety devices should be used, most are inexpensive and are available from your local hardware or home store.   Be sure to follow the instructions for the devices carefully.

ACEP recommends the following preventive measures to help reduce your child's chance of injury in the home:

"It is important to remember that no safety device or measure is completely childproof," said Dr. Lucid.  "Stay alert-your child's curiosity may be able to outsmart even the most clever safety devices and precautions."


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Material taken from the American College of Emergency Physicians.