Poisoning Fact Sheet

for children


j0238395.wmf (6300 bytes)  What is a poison?

A poison is something that makes you sick or hurts you if you eat, drink, touch or smell it.


What does a poison look like?

A poison can come in pretty colors.  It can come in many shapes and sizes.  A poison can smell good.  It can also taste good.   A poison can even look like something good to eat or drink.


How can you get poisoned?

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You can get poisoned by eating, drinking, touching, or smelling something that can make you sick or hurt you.  Some things, like medicine, can make you sick if you take the wrong kind, or if you take too much.  Always ask a grown-up before you take any medicine.  Never put anything in your mouth if you are not sure if it is safe to eat.  Always ask a grown-up first!


Where are poisons found?

Poisons are everywhere.  They can be found in your garage, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, or in any room in your home.   They can even be found in Grandma's purse!  Poisons can be found outside, like some plants, berries and mushrooms.


What can you do if someone gets poisoned?

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ki If you think you got into a poison, tell a grown-up right away!  They will call the Poison Center.  The Poison Center will tell them how to help you.  If you think your Mom or Dad, or your brother or sister, or even your friend got into a poison, you can call the Poison Center too.  Tell a grown-up to make sure you have the number of the Poison Center on or near the telephones in your house.  Ask them to show you where to find the number.  You can also call 9-1-1 or the emergency number in your city or town for help.



How can you stay safe from poison?


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Material taken from the American Association of Poison Control Centers.