Emergency Medical Services Quiz

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Do you know how and when to call for help in an emergency?

Who are the emergency medical services (EMS)?

This quiz will help you learn about EMS and make sure you can Make the Right Call in a medical emergency.

Click on the letter of the correct choice to each question to check your answer.

1.  What is a medical emergency?

A.  when you have a sore throat
B.  when you think someone needs help because they are sick or badly injured
C.  when you need a band-aid


2.  Who do you call first in a medical emergency?

A.  the EMS ambulance and paramedics
B.  your parent(s) work
C.  your best friend


3.  Where should your family keep the emergency medical services      number?

A.  with a magnet on the refrigerator
B.  beside the phone
C.  in a kitchen drawer


4.  How do you call for help in a medical emergency?

A.  yell as loud as you can
B.  pick up the phone and dial 0 for the operator
C.  pick up the phone and dial the emergency number


5.  What should you do if you're not sure if what happened is an emergency?

A.  call EMS just to be safe
B.  wait and see what happens
C.  try to find someone and ask


6.  What should you tell the emergency dispatcher who answers the phone?

A.  what is wrong, who is hurt and where to find the injured person
B.  where you live
C.  how old you are


7.  What does EMS stand for?

A.  extra medical supplies
B.  emergency medical services
C.  exciting medical show


8.  How soon after an emergency should you call for help?

A.  wait a while to see if the person will be okay
B.  when you finish what you were doing before the emergency
C.  right away, get help as fast as you can


9.  Who should know how to call EMS for help?

A.  only adults
B.  only people who work in a hospital
C.  everyone in your family and all of your friends


10.  What's the best thing you can do to help in a medical emergency?

A.  call EMS and follow their instructions
B.  give the patient a glass of water
C.  take the patient's temperature


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Material taken from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.