Prepare Your Family In Case Disaster Strikes


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Disaster can strike quickly and without warning.  Although a tornado is different from a hurricane, earthquake, or flood, many of the ways to prepare are the same.

Once you know what kind of disasters are common in your area, develop a home disaster plan, and hold a family meeting to discuss how to respond to each kind of disaster in case one occurs.

"Preparing your family in advance is the best protection in an emergency," said Dr. Elaine Josephson of the American College of Emergency Physicians.  "You might not have much time to act, so develop a plan that will allow you to evacuate your home quickly if needed.  The plan should include the safest places in the house to go in certain emergencies.  You should also learn about the emergency plans in your child's school or day care center and in your community."

Here are some tips to help keep your family safe when a disaster occurs:


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Material taken from the American College of Emergency Physicians.