Knowing these ten things could save your child's life!


Every year in this country nearly 6,700 children under the age of fourteen die and another 50,000 are permanently disabled from preventable injuries.


1. Know How To Spot An Emergency Situation.


2. Know How To Contact Your Local Emergency Service.


3. Learn CPR And Choking Rescue Procedures For Infants And Children.


4. Learn The Basics Of First Aid.


5. Immunize, Immunize, Immunize.


6. Remember What To Do If Your Child Is Involved In A Car Crash.


7. Understand What To Do If Your Child Is Poisoned.


8. Learn What To Do In Case Your Child Has A Serious Fall.


9. Know How To Treat Your Child In Case Of A Burn -- Stop The Process.


10. Be Prepared To Act In Case Your Child Has A Seizure.


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Material taken from Emergency Medical Services for Children.